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Many would-be MLM business owners are searching for the very best top MLM companies to join. But how do you figure out what constitutes the very best? Some of the criteria will be subjective, but here are some things that you can use as a benchmark for choosing:
1) The product/service. Make sure that the product or service offered by the MLM that you are investigating fits the MLM model. This means that consumers will need a little bit of information/explanation before buying the product. If the MLM is offering something with “obvious” or “straight-forward” value, it does not fit well with the MLM model. You also want to make sure that you are generally impressed with or inspired by the products/services you will be selling when you join a particular MLM company. Your enthusiasm is a big contributor to how successful you will be.
2) Look at the residual income you will be earning. Top MLM companies will not offer just single-sale commissions on products/services but will offer you recurring commissions. They will also offer you recurring commissions on the members that continue to come into the company under you.
3) So now you’ve found a great company that has a compensation plan that fits what you’re looking for. . . Next, check out if the company also has a worldwide presence. This doesn’t have to be a tip-top priority, but MLM companies with a vision for the future should have going global at the top of their list.
4) Training and support. There will be a learning curve no matter what MLM you decide to join. But you can reduce this great if you have the support and system from your sponsor/upline. Your MLM should provide the tools and training you need to get a quick start growing your business. Your MLM sponsors should be able to resolve disputes and technical issues right away.
5) Investment: MLM start-up fees vary greatly from company to company. The important factor to consider is how fast you can get your investment back. Check out incentives, bonuses, etc., offered to new members.
6) Time commitment: Your next MLM should understand that their new members are probably busy with other jobs and family priorities early on in their membership. Your MLM should provide all the help and information which allows you to get started at your own pace . . .not at theirs. This leads to the last but not least consideration. . .
7) Make sure your future MLM tracks all of your sales and sponsorship data so that you can have it at the tip of your fingers. It should be easily accessible to set goals for yourself and your team. Having this information can save you so much of that most precious asset. . .time.
Top MLM companies vary in their products/services and structures, but they all have these common priorities in place – factors that will help you succeed in your MLM business.

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