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1 to 10 Common Sense Social Network Marketing Tools

You’ve found the right MLM company, you’ve signed up, and you’re ready to get started, but what should you do first? It would be best if you tapped into the social network marketing tools’ marketing power to catapult you into the level of success you want to reach.

To get the opportunity to the masses to share the important knowledge you’re soaking in about running an MLM business. You want to make sure you create a reputation for yourself online. social network marketing

You want to make sure the people know you’re here and have something to offer and that you’re accessible. You can do this in several ways without spending any money.

The first thing you should do once you set up your business website is talking about it online. You can do this by signing up for a free WordPress account or a free blogger account through Google.

Even if you’ve never set up a blog account before, these sites (and others) will walk you through it in an easy-to-follow format. Take advantage of how sites are ranked and use keywords that boost your ranking in search engines.

Once you get the blog set up, use it. It won’t benefit you if it sits there stagnant. Post regular blogs (short 200-250 word posts) talking about your business, how it’s growing and offer tips on how they, too, can become involved. Remember that people love to root for others’ success as long as you’re an honest marketer. Interact with people who leave a comment.

Next, link your blog to your MLM site. Be aware that some of the blog sites consider marketing products as spam. So whenever you can, buy a domain of your own and install a blog on it.

You don’t want to wake up to discover all your hard work is history. Set up an opt-in link on both your blog and your website so that you can begin to create a list of interested parties. Keep in touch, but don’t overwhelm them.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one. Twitter posts (called tweets) are a fast way to keep your followers updated on what you’re doing. You can also give them tips that can help your downline be successful. Be personal, but don’t use Twitter to ranting on taboo topics. It only takes one social faux pas for a marketer to turn off the masses of prospects.

The big gun of social network marketing tools is Facebook. Take advantage of Facebook Events’ power, the fan pages, setting up a group, and more. Share helpful information – don’t be a pushy salesperson.

Finally, don’t forget about using visual social tools like YouTube, Vidlife or other sites that allow video hosting.  Give clear presentations, be real and honest about your accomplishments and any setbacks you’ve experienced but offer hope to those who want to get into the same line of work as you.

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1 to 10 Network Marketing Tools