A Complete MLM System

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A Complete MLM System That Runs on Autopilot.

You can find tools to help you in almost any business you create and there are tools that can help any marketer run his MLM system, too. You might have even seen some of these tools advertised online as systems that can run on autopilot.

Some marketers swear by these programs. Others don’t. You should know that while these programs are helpful to some, saying they run on autopilot isn’t completely accurate.

The purpose of the system is to give all involved in the business a better way to build the profit flow. But what many don’t realize is that it does take work to get the system set up and running – and then you can’t simply leave it.

There will be some work required on your part. A lot of these systems have autoresponders, which is a handy tool to have. You’ll be freed from having to constantly check for (or send out) messages. Plus, the system can help you create a list of interested parties for your opportunity.
A Complete MLM System
But the system can’t take the place of the personal touch that’s needed to make it perform at its best. Think over some of the companies you’ve dealt with in your life. The ones that don’t seem to care about their customers have long hold times on the phone, it’s difficult to get a live representative (if at all) and when you do finally connect, they’re not real keen on helping you get a resolution.

So while it’s okay to use tools to make your job easier, just never let it take the place of that one on one connection people are looking for. On the other hand, what a complete MLM System can do for you is allow people to learn the business without you having to constantly be available for all of the steps that are involved.

If you’re in marketing, then you know the importance of having a presence on the Web – but once you have a large downline, you may not be able to handle the website problems that can crop up. Many systems will help guide newbies through a website set up and offer customer service to answer questions.

The more expensive MLM systems can be tailored to your specific needs. These offer such features as presentation programs and office management. This system will handle a lot of the nitty gritty work, but you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars to get it. For the marketer just starting out, this might be a good idea, but wait until you’ve built the business to the point you can afford to shell out that kind of money.

Leading MLM software companies

  • IOSS Infinite MLM
  • MarketPowerPro
  • Epixel
  • Upline MLM
  • Pro MLM
  • Upline Startup Professional+Upline Individual

Choosing the best MLM software solution

MLM software isn’t as saturated of a market as some other technology verticals, but choosing the best MLM software can still be difficult. Make sure your decision process includes your company’s pricing structure, so you can fully support your downline distributors. You should also take advantage of any free trials to test the ease-of-use and integrations related to your marketing, lead capture, and website design.

How to compare MLM software

MLM software buyers should look for the features listed above in an MLM product suite, but there’s more to a software product than its core features. You should also make sure the product you choose matches your existing workflows, offers integration with other systems you use, and provides a pleasant user experience with regular updates.

Here are a few more specific factors to look for during your research and comparison process:

Social media integration: Many distributors and sales professionals find social media increases market penetration as well as generate demand for the product and the brand.

Online catalogs and e-commerce: Depending on the size of your network and the complexity of your product catalog, you’ll want to look into online catalogs and e-commerce features that help potential customers and salespeople research your products without a large time investment on your part.

Granulated user controls: These allow your downline distributors to access important areas within the software, while you keep sensitive information under wraps.

Legal consultation: If you’re building your own MLM company, you may want to look into legal consultation to ensure that your product and services comply with local and federal regulations. Some MLM software builds regulatory safeguards right into the accounting modules.

A Complete MLM System